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Southern Alberta Digital Library Centre


The Southern Alberta Digital Library Centre is a research programme at the University of Lethbridge, operating in partnership with the New Zealand Digital Library project. The aim is to develop the underlying technology for digital libraries and make it available publicly so that others can use it to create their own collections.

Our web site provides document collections for local organizations and people. Other collections will be coming online in the future as current projects move forward. Visit often!

All are available over the Web, and can be accessed through searching and browsing interfaces provided by the Greenstone digital library software.

The Greenstone software

The Greenstone Digital Library software provides a new way of organizing information and making it available over the Internet or on CD-ROM. It is open-source software, available under the terms of the Gnu public license.

A digital library is made up of a set of collections. Each collection of information comprises several (typically several thousand, or even several million) documents, which share a uniform searching and browsing interface. Collections can be organized in many different ways while retaining a strong family resemblance.


Our research

The goal of our research program is to explore the potential of internet-based digital libraries. Our vision is to develop systems that automatically impose structure on anarchic, uncatalogued, distributed repositories of information, thereby providing information consumers with effective tools to locate what they need and to peruse it conveniently and comfortably.

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